Türk İş Konseyi - Genel Koordinatör

Türk İş Konseyi (Turkish Business Council) 'Genel Koordinatör'lük pozisyonu için aranan nitelikler ve iş tanımını aşağıda bulabilirsiniz:

Not: Başvuran adayların Dubai'de ikamet etmesi şarttır ve hali hazırda vizesinin olması tercih sebebidir. (Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri dışından yapılacak başvurular değerlendirmeye alınmayacaktır.)

Başvurular, 5 Mayıs 2016 Perşembe günü saat 18.00'a kadar yapılmalıdır. Daha sonra yapılacak başvurular kabul edilmeyecektir.


Turkish Business Council in Dubai & Northern Emirates is looking for candidates for a key position. If you have an interest in this highly dynamic role, please send your CV latest 5th May 2016 to cv@tbcdubai.org .

Position: General Coordinator – Turkish Business Council

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Develop and implement assigned strategies and operations to meet established goals, develop new contacts and expand existing ones, constantly identifying new opportunities of networking. 
  • Analyze requirements of the changing environment and ensure that suggested development are in line with the Business Council / Community needs. Understand and exploit the existing and future trends that relates to the Business Councils.
  • Manage long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, focusing on the promotion of the Turkish Business Council services through a consultative selling approach to bring individuals as well as corporate companies as member. Consequently, through tactical planning of the development activities, build a strong network among the members and the Business Community. Maintain close relationship with business partners/potential supporters and manage key relationships with external stakeholders, diplomatic corps, government officials and other councils.
  • Approaching export unions, export promotion groups and other related establishments in Turkey to encourage them to join the Council as members. Constant coordination with the relevant authorities.
  • Develop, implement and oversee operational budget for activity expenses. 
  • Prepare regular report identifying challenges as well as achievements and monitor and analyse performance based on set KPIs to provide accurate and up to date information for further business and activity decisions. 
  • In coordination with the Board schedule business development programs though campaigns in target group of people or sectors, especially in campaigns which have potential for new member registrations.

Desired Skills and Experience
  • Bachelor Degree in Public Affairs, Corporate Communications, Social Sciencesor related fields, Business Administration, Marketing, Sales or related fields are preferred.
  • Consultancy, Public service background is highly encouraged to apply.
  • Should be residing in Dubai the last 2 years.
  • Minimum 5 years of business experience in a similar or related corporation/organization/industry/company. 
  • Demonstrated ability to plan and develop businesses with proven experience in promotional activities. Ability to manage multiple stakeholders.
  • Entrepreneurial approach is a plus.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English and Turkish is required and other languages are preferred. 
  • Strategic marketer with strong business acumen, a team player with good inter-personal skills. 
  • Well-versed in power point presentation; good command of computer knowledge. 
  • Proactive, dynamic and mature with strong leadership qualities and must be able to work under pressure. 
  • Skill in developing effective work groups and coordinating efforts of multiple complex environments. 
  • Understanding of the Business Council environment, Chamber of Commerce, the General rules and Legislation and sensitivities; ability to function effectively within that environment. 
  • Must be organized, detail oriented and should be able to manage multiple projects simultaneously to meet deadlines. 
  • Ability to present to large groups and individuals including members; colleagues and management. 
  • Persistency and ability to negotiate with professional skill and expertise and self-motivated. 
  • Must be highly sociable and able to work with and influence people at all levels within and outside the organization.