Times Out Dubai Turkish Expats in Dubai


I came to Dubai last January after my husband got a job here. Back then I used to work as a general co-ordinator at the Turkish Business Council, so I got to meet a lot of people. Expats would call me with their problems and I’d help manage them. Now I work as a business development manager for a printing company.

I’m used to Dubai now. I like the city and the nightlife, and my husband and I have a lot of friends that we met on www.bilgidubai.com, a usergroup for Turkish expats in Dubai. It has about 1,000 members, and I’m close to about 50 of them. We go to the beach and have picnics, go to restaurants or take turns hosting dinners. During Ramadan, we went to Iftar at Istanbul Flowers, which is one of my favourite Turkish restaurants. Another good Turkish place is Istanbul Doner. I also like going to a nightclub called Lailla, which is run by a Turk. We left everything to come out here, and that was very scary at first. But there are so many of us that are in the same situation, and the Turkish community in Dubai is very close. I may not have any family out here, but the friends I’ve made are like a new family. 

By Daisy Carrington 

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