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About BilgiDubai.

BilgiDubai is the largest and most active group in the United Arab Emirates with focus on the Turkish Community.  BilgiDubai’s aim is for Turkish speaking citizens of the United Arab Emirates to get to know each other, offer help and advice to each other and ensures that everybody in the community is informed about interesting activities, festivities and important announcements. 

BilgiDubai has been set up in June 2006 and counts more than 2300 members at this moment (September 2010).  Our membership list consists not only of Turkish investors and professionals working in the United Arab Emirates, also Turkish speaking American, British, Mongolian, Japanese, Azeri, Moroccan, German, Syrian, Kazakh, Turkmen and Dutch citizens are members, including a lot of Turkish expats married to foreigners. 

The BilgiDubai community has organised barbecue parties and picnics in Dubai and Abu Dhabi on national holidays attended by 200-450 persons, with the aim to combine pleasure with duty and this way substantial amounts of money have been raised for various charities. 

The older version of the BilgiDubai’s webpage has been visited by 47000 visitors; we expect to reach at least 10 times this number with the new version because of its much broader content. 

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